David Ramsay is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab in the Responsive Environments group, where he studies how the design of our tools alter the dynamics of our daily attention. He combines high-quality hardware systems with cutting edge statistical modeling to measure, understand, and improve human experience.

David is a Fulbright-winning researcher who spent three years as an audio systems engineer in Bose Research before joining MIT. At the Media Lab he's spent two summers in Shenzhen, China improving his hardware design and manufacturing skills under the supervision of Andrew 'bunnie' Huang, and published his work on 'edge' deep learning models completed at Google AI in Zurich. David created and taught MIT's first for-credit class focused on psychology's replication crisis, for which he was selected as his department's nominee for MIT's Goodwin Teaching Award. He was a lead TA and lecturer in Roz Picard's 'AI and Mental Health' class among others. David's work appears in 14 peer-reviewed publications, 2 patents, has been discussed on NPR and exhibited at the MIT Museum.

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