MIT Media-labber, Fulbrighter, Musician, and Engineer

David is currently a PhD student at the mit media lab, in the responsive environments group. He's an accomplished guitarist and musician who fronts a folk band, and an engineer with three years of electrical engineering experience in consumer audio under his belt. His current interests include language and speech processing, emotionally intelligent operating systems, deep learning, audio system design, and wearable/distributed low-power hardware.

David hopes to apply his work to advance
emotional wellbeing, focus and productivity, immersive narrative performances, music distribution, data privacy, and HCI/OS design. He looks forward to a future without screens, where our technology is embedded and hidden in the world around us— contextually aware, emotionally intelligent, and proactively responsive to our needs, interests, and desires.

Select Projects

While at MIT, David has built an online feedback machine (published in NIME proceedings 2015), as well as a tomagotchi-style mobile web-based health app for use with fitbits that was tested with 20 users. He collaborated with Seth Avecilla and several others to build a musical 'pinball machine' that is currently on exhibit at the MIT Museum. He spent a month in the summer learning from bunnie in Shenzhen about supply chain and manufacturing.

While exploring his interest in speech and machine learning, David has worked on a startup. He's also researched automatically classifying emotion and behavior in parent-child interactions by analyzing audio recordings of their dialog. His last semester was spent working on his master's thesis, learnAir, which is a distributed air quality sensor that uses machine learning to automatically characterize itself against higher quality sensors in the network.

In the past, David has worked on several audio-DSP related projects, and has extensive working knowledge of audio signal processing, psychoacoustics, & acoustics. He has also worked as a trained listener, evaluating and tuning system designs and signal processing for Bose audio products.

Select Accomplishments

  • Master's Degree from the MIT Media Lab
  • Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering (conc. signal processing) and Music from Case (CWRU) in Cleveland, OH
  • Work experience at NIH, NRL, GE, and (3 years @) Bose giving a strong variety of Research, Systems, & EE/CS skills
  • Fulbright Recipient, worked in Ireland at DIT on musical DSP project for people with disabilities
  • 3 peer reviewed publications (barnacle mechanical modeling, guitar signal processing, & feedback music)
  • Avid musician and gearnut, with a professional certificate from Berklee for music production
  • Heavy traveler (28 countries and counting)

MIT Classes

  • Health Behavior Change
  • New Enterprises
  • Nuts and Bolts of Entrepreneurship
  • Future of Music
  • Affective Computing
  • Foundations in Technology
  • Active Architecture (Listener)
  • Computer Networks (Listener)
  • Machine Learning, Society, and Autonomy (Listener)
  • Operating System Engineering (Listener)
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing Bootcamp (1 month in Shenzhen, China)

MIT Teaching Assistant

  • Internet of Things Week-long Seminar
  • Sensors for Interactive Environments
  • Future of Music


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